What I'm Making

emBody(dekaaz) {. (Screenshot from mid-development process.)I am extremely interested in exploring the rhetoric of digital media and its production, especially in regards to open source software (OSS) and the communal development of OSS programs (both in terms of how software programs are constructed and in terms of how individual and community identities are formed and changed over the course of a program's development). This has lined up most effectively with my interests in open source software and my privilege in teaching students in several innovative learning environments, where I've had the chance to see the different dynamics that can affect the effectiveness of composing with technologies.

Media Installations

emBody(dekaaz) {

emBody(dekaaz) {. (Screenshot from mid-development process.)

emBody(text) {

Physical Computing


  • Networked (Twitter) Lamp
    • Overview: The networked lamp, building upon the example RSS-powered networked lamp provided in Getting Started with Arduino by Massimo Banzi, searches Twitter for specific keywords and generates light of three different colors, at different intensities, depending on the frequency of each keyword in the search results.
    • Code (via GitHub):
  • Tones of Discourse
    • Overview: Making use of Arduino, Processing, and textual input (whether manually input with a keyboard or pulled in from a networked data stream such as Twitter), this project translates visual meaning into aural meaning by outputting characters as musical tones. The goal was to understand disciplinary discourse and its various conventions by ear rather than by sight (e.g. how does writing in the humanities sound different from writing in the social sciences?).
    • Code: coming soon
    • Example Expressions (Video), courtesy of Jennifer Ware

Programming Experiments