sarcophagus text

An experiment in self-mutating automatic hyperfiction
Foreword: The story below, if you can call it a story, has neither beginning, middle, nor end. For all intents and purposes, it is all beginning, all middle, and all end, all at the same time. It cannot therefore make sense, since it is not supposed to make sense, as no attempt is being made at sense or making sense, here or in the hereafter. If it makes sense, if it appears to make sense —sense being perceivable logic— it is only because the laws of chance has made it seemingly so. As it is, the method —if, again, there is such a method— borrows strongly from the surrealist and dadaist tradition of free association and automatic writing. SarcophagusText is an experiment in self-mutating automatic hyperfiction. It is self-mutating because it is supposed to completely transform itself in a perpetual prose-motion that is neither linear nor circular. It is automatic because, as it shifts from one shape into another, new free-form permutations and combinations of text, pretext, and context are supposed to be randomly generated to produce or more aptly reproduce an altogether new body of work. Being an experiment, SarcophagusText makes no scientific conclusions whatsoever. All persons, living and dead, including their actions, are purely coincidental, and should not be construed. [*colophon: javascript-based | ęcopyright code+content: titus toledo/ 2001]